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Image by Garrett Butler
Image by Garrett Butler



This fantastic fitness tool is proven to improve athletic performance and used by fitness fanatics and professional athletes worldwide. Learn how to swing, squat, clean, snatch, get-up and press your way to outstanding all round strength and stamina. For members we also include an 'Optimal Training & Mindset' training package. This adds a morning zoom session and delves deeper into hacks to help continuity of training and results. 

Kettlebell Workout

HillFit Bootcamp

Our Fitness Hiking Series is designed to help you challenge yourself, improve your mental health and get fit. We train on Tuesday nights, hiking together as a team to cover a distance of 10-14km over 2 - 3 ½ hours.  The fitness hikes run all year round and our participants particularly enjoy the night hiking come winter. We promise you'll be feeling invigorated after one of these sessions, whatever the season! We are the only hiking company in Sussex that specifically do night hiking fitness sessions.


Building on our training in the Fitness Hiking  series we like to rack up a few extra miles with our day hikes.

This gives you some extra time to work on testing your kit and clothing in different weather, visit new sites, and playing with different navigation techniques both old and modern. It’s also a pleasure to get a deeper understanding of different areas within Sussex.

Hiking in a multitude of areas across the South Downs National Park really highlights how expansive it is. Join us on some of our tours either as a one-off or regularly to improve upon your trekking experiences.



The Fitness Hiking series has built up your stamina. The day hikes have honed your understanding of kit and navigation. Your confidence has grown and now you're ready.... and if not... the team at FEAT are with you each step.


We offer overnight stealth trips in Sussex to multi-day trekking in the highlands. The longer trips are really about getting out there and feeling the excitement of having comfortably thrived in the elements.



Do you have a group that is interested in a Sussex based guided day hike? If so FEAT can create an adventure tailored to your needs! Night hike? Long distance? Guided South Downs Way? A set of day hikes meeting you at your place of stay... whatever you can think of or we can collaborate and come up with something fun! We have worked with Universities, individuals, for adventure companies and even a group from the London Fire Brigade. So, don't hesitate. Simply get in touch via the online form or call Russell on 078762387455.

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