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The mission of Five Elements Adventure Training (FEAT):


• Build fitness & resilience.

• Improve mental health.

• Deepen the appreciation for our environment.

To help achieve our mission we utilise the elements to help forge a fitter and more resilient self. Throughout our multi-layered training and micro adventures you will obtain a deeper understanding of the sites and destinations we visit. We train regularly in the South Downs national park to help develop fitness, improve mental health and garner confidence in the outdoors. Our training involves weekday fitness hikes, conditioning and multi day treks in England, Wales and Scotland.

FEAT is more than a fitness and tour company. FEAT is about embracing the adventurous path in life alongside a likeminded tribe.

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Russell Wood

Russell was raised in Ditchling and spent his weekends exploring the South Downs. With a passion for fitness Russell qualified and worked as a fitness instructor. After completing his BA in Cultural Anthropology Russell became a freelance photojournalist. Over five years he travelled extensively working in Somalia, Kenya, Gaza, Israel, The West Bank and embedded with the military as a media consultant. Settling down with his wife, Saynab, back in Sussex he utilised his passion for the outdoors volunteering with Search and Rescue as a rescue technician. Russell is a member of the Mountain Leadership Training Association. 


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Alex Anscombe

A through and through outdoorsman Alex was raised in Ditchling spending much of his time exploring the South Downs. He has hiked the 500 mile Camino’ in one hit and spent hundreds of cumulative days exploring the Swiss alpine routes. Alex loves sharing his passion for the outdoors by acting as a guide in the beautiful but tricky Welsh mountains. When he is not hiking over the Sussex hills and exploring in Wales Alex loves to spend time with his family. Being a strong hillwalker and with a fondness for being cold and wet he spent time as a voluntary search and rescue technician with Sussex SAR team. 


Caroline Stockman

Born and raised in Belgium, Caroline developed a deep love for the British countryside early in life. She spent summers exploring the South Downs as a teenager and developing an extensive track record of blisters, forcing a barefoot walk by Beachy Head one particular day. Today, Caroline is a qualified Lowland Leader, outdoor first aid trained, and holds a Bushcraft Award. When she's not hiking, camping, or bushcrafting, she works at the University of Winchester as a lecturer in physical education, technology, and philosophy.

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