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Take on the elements! 

We know, once you’ve worked hard in the wild it feels like you can take on anything. 


Escape the noise of everyday life on one of our micro adventures, day hikes, weekend tours or expeditions and let yourself be forged outdoors. 

 Adventure!? it's closer than you think! 

 a 1625km area of national park 

 steeped in epic history 


We hike at a strong pace instead of running to protect the joints but work the muscles and cardio system. By using rolling hills we get the heart rate up. By covering a fair distance over a few hours we burn fat. Walking for weight loss is also highly effective. Finally,  by hiking in all weather we build mental resilience. From having beautiful views and fresh air we promote good mental health. Plus, we also have dedicated conditioning and kettlebell sessions to help maintain strength and muscle mass. 

Building on the fitness sessions we like to diversify your skill set. By doing long day hikes you will build confidence in more areas than just stamina. This is also the opportunity to test your kit and resilience for longer expeditions. These day hikes are great to do as a group of friends or as an individual amongst like minded people. These longer day walks take from 4-9 hours covering distances ranging from 15 - 28km

These tours are not rambler holidays! If you want to experience Great Britain's most incredible views, remote spaces, forests and back country then this is where you want to be. Our aim is to guide you in these environments so you can experience a trek or backpack camping with confidence. These trips include nice farmhouse stays in the Brecon Beacons to more challenging self contained treks in Scotland. 

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Five Elements Adventure Training (FEAT) was established to unite a mix of pursuits to facilitate the active lifestyle. We embrace the outdoors with hill walking, day hiking, camping and trekking, to help improve fitness and mental health. 


We also utilise weight training, via kettlebell sessions, to help strengthen and condition our bodies. By mixing hiking and weight training we have a powerful combination. Hiking is fantastic for cardiovascular benefits, joint health and burning fat. Kettlebell training is useful to build muscle, strengthen bones, regulate hormones, and increase stamina. 


Being forged by the elements, working as a team, really helps nurture mental health. Being motivated on our sessions helps build the perseverance required for modern life. 


Our bodies have been shaped by tens of thousands of years of struggle whereby our hunter gatherer ancestors paved the way. Sadly, for the most today, we shape ourselves through staring at computer screens, fast food and convenience. No wonder our bodies and minds are screaming for more! 


Join us and learn something new and dynamic with a kettlebell induction. Or come join us on a stunning fitness hill walk in Sussex, hiking days or adventurous trips and bring your senses back to life. We look forward to acting as guides in forging the new you.


“Hiking and camping over two days was an amazing way to learn basic navigation and camp craft. I enjoyed every minute and cant wait for another adventure with FEAT”

- Warren, London. 

“I would have never believed I could have trekked 100km in the Arctic! The guys at FEAT made this happen...


- Tony, Brighton

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