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FEAT Fitness aims to promote a long term active lifestyle by combining outdoor activities such as hill walking and trekking with regular kettlebell weight training sessions for strength and conditioning. This blend of hiking and weight training offers various health benefits, including cardiovascular improvement, joint health, fat burning, muscle building, bone strengthening, hormone regulation, and increased stamina. We regularly train Kettlebells in Ditchling Village Hall. We also have an active WhatsApp group to arrange free weekday evening hiking sessions around Sussex. 



Lifting Kettlebells

KETTLEBELLS are a highly effective exercise tool used by coaches and athletes to simultaneously improve strength and stamina. When used correctly these weights will help you become a much fitter, stronger and healthy version of yourself. ​ FEAT KETTLEBELL includes an induction course that is guaranteed to help give you the fundamental techniques for good lifting form. This will enable consistent training by reducing the chance of injury.


FEAT Fitness is not your average workout; our bootcamp classes incorporate a variety of unique challenges that will push you to your limits. Our advantage is the bloody great hill behind us, which we use for some serious uphill marches and challenging calisthenic circuits. Occasionally, we also take advantage of the local park where we add battle ropes, sandbags, and slam balls for high-intensity interval training that will leave you feeling stronger and more energized than ever.


These tours are not rambler holidays! If you want to experience Great Britain's most incredible views, remote spaces, forests and back country then this is where you want to be. Our aim is to guide you in these environments so you can experience a trek or backpack camping with confidence. These trips include nice farmhouse stays in the Brecon Beacons to more challenging self contained treks in Scotland. 




Naomi, Ditchling

Russ is a natural teacher and manages to explain things both accessibly and in a lot of detail. The small group and personalised attention has given me confidence to build my strength and fitness”

Of Iron & Earth!

"Our unique approach to fitness, combining mental and physical training, helps you become your strongest self. We use cast iron for strength training and the hills for stamina. We know, when you push yourself to your limits in the wild, you'll find that anything is possible"



Phone: 07876237455

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