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Local Ale and evening hike

We start at the locally famed, and much loved, Harveys Brewery to stock up on a selection of their fine ale. From here we enjoy a hike along old trails, a memorial linking to a dark history and ancient burial grounds. This is all whilst dodging the balls whizzing past along the short bit of footpath that the golf course was built upon – never a dull moment! Eventually we get to the prominent Iron Age Caburn Fort where we can really take in the epic views with our locally crafted ale. Once we’ve had our fill of scenery (if that’s ever possible), and beer, we can take a stroll back down through the stunning Valley that is Caburn Bottom. With one last small climb we head back towards the meeting point at the Harveys Brewery.


Whilst this is a social we put in a super friendly request that people keep their alcohol intake sensible. Harveys have a mixture of non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers as well as stronger ales. After a couple of nice beers on the trail there are some great pubs in Lewes we can recommend where you can have a post hike ‘de-brief’.

COST: £15

Time: approx 3hrs.

Distance: 8km. 

Included – Local Knowledgeable Guide/Guides and support. 

Not Included: Beer, transport or Food

Meeting Point: Outside Harveys Brewery Shop, 6 cliffe High Street, Lewes BN7 2AH.

Meeting Time: 1630. 

Go to book now for dates.

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The crucible! challenge. 

Crucible, Noun: “a severe test or trial, esp. one that causes a lasting change or influence.”


A race through the night, against time!


Setting off an hour or so before sunset you will be taken to an undisclosed location in Sussex near Brighton. From the start location you will be given a map and with your team leader hike towards numerous checkpoints. Your team will be calling the shots, you have six hours to make the RVP or your lift home will be gone. This hike is thrilling as its beautiful – a sense of adventure and good humour is a must (as is a headtorch). 


If you make the rendezvous point in time the hike will complete at 0200. From the finish you will be transferred back to the meeting point. 


Your team leader will be on hand to help with any navigation advice. 

Cost:£60 (minimum 6 Participants)

Time Approx 6 hrs.
Distance 24km. 

Included-Local guides & Transfer from and back to meeting point.

Meeting Point: Outside Sussex County Cricket Ground.

The 1st Central Country Ground, Eaton Road

Hove, BN3 3AN

Meeting Time: 1930

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 Let's All GO have some fun! 


There is so much more to trekking and hill walking than just yomping up and down hills!


With a passion for fine ales, local history, and community we want to bring together other exciting activities. This helps increase the depth of knowledge, invoke a community feel, and bring other local partners on board. Keep an eye out for events as they come up. 

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Image by Michael Blum

Mini feat micro adventures. 

Take some time out, bond with the kids and chat with other parents whilst on the trail. These are mini hikes and picnics that help to build an affinity with the outdoors. 


My boy loves a good hike and cannot wait to share the trail with other kids! Parents, pack a bit of food and water so we can have a relax and a bite at the top of a hill. 


Time: approx 3hrs.

Distance: 3-7km. 

Included – Local Knowledgeable Guide/Guides and support. 

Not Included: transport or Food

Meeting Point: see in booking section

Meeting Time:variable. 

Go to book now for events & dates.

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We're currently talking to potential partners regarding fun events. 

Watch this space for release dates and further information. 

If you have any questions or interest in this trip, please dont hesitate to send an email to

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