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Deep Tissue Massage 

If your body is sore and tired from training? If your calves feel heavy from the long miles? Or, if you're tense after a busy week then why not have those knots eased out!?


Saynab has twenty years experience in massage therapy within legendary London beauty salons, working for acclaimed and pioneering brands such as Harrods, Selfridges, Paul Edmonds and Cowshed. 

Her hands-on treatments have been celebrated numerous times by beauty and health editors of The Telegraph, The Guardian, The London Evening Standard, The Express and professional international beauty blogs. 


So if those muscles are not quite firing right due to being tight and knotted Saynab will massage it out so you can hit the trail harder and stronger than before. 



It's so important to give back to your body and not just take! I know that feeling after you've hit the hills and trained hard all week. My objective is to unwind those aching muscles so you can recharge, perform at your best and reduce the risk of injury. 

I work from a relaxing studio at my Ditchling home with free parking just a minutes walk away. 

Feel free to call 07904910548

Book below or on my website

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