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The Fun Stuff!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our social events that mix the great outdoors, local ales, beautiful trails and like minded company. 


Evening Hike, stunning views and local ale. 

We start at the locally famed, and much loved, Harveys Brewery to stock up on a selection of their fine ale. From here we enjoy a hike along old trails, a memorial linking to a dark history and ancient burial grounds. This is all whilst dodging the balls whizzing past along the short bit of footpath that the golf course was built upon – never a dull moment! Eventually we get to the prominent Iron Age Caburn Fort where we can really take in the epic views with our locally crafted ale. Once we’ve had our fill of scenery (if that’s ever possible), and beer, we can take a stroll back down through the stunning Valley that is Caburn Bottom. With one last small climb we head back towards the meeting point at the Harveys Brewery.


Whilst this is a social we put in a super friendly request that people keep their alcohol intake sensible. Harveys have a mixture of non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers as well as stronger ales. After a couple of nice beers on the trail there are some great pubs in Lewes we can recommend where you can have a post hike ‘de-brief’. 



The Crucible!

 Crucible, Noun: “a severe test or trial, esp. one that causes a lasting change or influence.”



A race through the night, against time!


Setting off an hour or so before sunset you will be taken to an undisclosed location in Sussex near Brighton. From the start location you will be given a map and with your team leader hike towards numerous checkpoints. Your team will be calling the shots, you have six hours to make the RVP or your lift home will be gone. This hike is thrilling as its beautiful – a sense of adventure and good humour is a must (as is a headtorch). 


If you make the rendezvous point in time the hike will complete at 0200. From the finish you will be transferred back to the meeting point. 


Your team leader will be on hand to help with any navigation advice. 


Caburn Fort 10km.

We start in the medieval village of Glynde. From the beginning we jump into a solid warmup as we take on a long steady ascent direct to the peak of the ancient Caburn fort. After a brief stop to catch our breath, and soak in the 360 panoramic views, we then hike down through the beautiful valley of Caburn Bottom. A small steady climb takes us to the edge of Lewes Golf Club with picturesque views over the old town. We then cut through the golf course, since it’s built over a public path, hiking towards Saxon Cross.  We then pass the old chalk pit and ancient burial grounds before we turn East towards Glynde Place. Finally, a short walk through the picturesque Glynde village takes us back to the car park.  


Kingston 10km

Starting in Kingston, a village tied to the Norman conquest, we hike South-West directly up the South Downs. As we approach the ancient burial mounds, we turn South-East picking up on the South Downs Way trail. We take a slow descent towards Rottingdean before turning North hiking through the secluded valley Falmer Bottom. We pass the Castle Hill Nature Reserve as we ascend towards the historic Newmarket Hill.  We then hike North-East, along the ancient ridgeway known as Juggs Road, before heading back down to the RVP. 

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